EARTH TO JOY - 2016 Sarcochilus Seeding Catalogue

Following is the list of available 50mm Sarcochilus Seedlings.

Plants are $9 each and all are currently available. All lines are of limited numbers.

L/7 – S.Amber ‘4X ‘  x  Coolendel ‘11Y2’ –
This line should give a high percentage of concolor yellow/orange blooms. Arching racemes of well shaped blooms.
These will be stunning.

L/10 – S.Roberta ‘90% Yellow’  x  Cliona ‘Yellow’ –
An exact remake of Neville Roper’s Sarc. Coolendel, this is a beautiful hybrid. Blooms of good shape and size on strong spikes.
Colors – White with yellow centre, Yellows and the odd Orange.
L/15 – S.Burgundy On Ice ‘ St.George’ AM/AOC  x  Yvette ‘Jake’s Pride’ – 
I have done this cross for showbench winners. Great shape here in pinks and White/Pink. S. Yvette ‘Jake’s Pride’ is proven to produce high quality progeny. Awarded Pod parent used to help bring out good shape.
L/19 – S.( Velvet x Bobby Dazzler ) ‘UDR’  x  Yvette ‘Jake’s Pride’ –
Deep Sparkling Reds here, expect blooms to be of medium size and good shape. Spikes will be strong with a good flower count.

* * * New Release Sarcochilus Seedlings for 2016 * * *

L/47 – S. Peace ‘On Earth’ AM/AOC x Fizzy Dove ‘Splashy’
Remake of S. Maria, an Awesome Sarc Hybrid. I have remade S. Maria before and just had to do it again. New parents used here, both are of very high quality. Pod parent – Peace ‘On Earth’ AM/AOC would be one of my favourite Sarcs. Fizzy Dove ‘Splashy’ has strong color and fat, upright spikes. Aim - Splash/Patterned Blooms of good shape on strong racemes.
L/48 – S. Duno Nicky’s Twin ‘Voo Doo’ AD,AM/AOC x Fairy ‘Scarlet’ AD,HCC/AOC
Combining two awarded plants that are now proven parents – (eg.S.Jill, S. Magic). Here we should expect deep reds with a sparkling appearance and a full shape. Blooms will be well presented, with most plants having arching racemes. Tremendous Reds Here.
L/51 – S. Sunny ‘Bright Sun’ x Roberta ‘Good Yellow’
Real Wow Factor, Great Color - Strong Yellow / Orange. Shape should be as good as any that we have been getting in these Albiflora Lines. Both parents have a very good shape and presentation with strong color that does not fade.
L/52 – S. Judith ‘Yvonne’ HCC/AOC x Cliona ‘Yellow’
This cross combines two of Neville Roper’s most successful parents. Not expecting the yellow to come through. Here we are really looking for high quality shaped blooms on strong spikes. Lovely, big whites with a full shape. Though S. Judith ‘Yvonne’ does not have the best shape it does let good shape come through. S. Cliona ‘ Yellow’ pollen produced the wonderful S. Coolendell Hybrid
L/53 – S. Kellie ‘Bronzer’ x Madge ‘Sunnyside Up’
How the color will work here I’m not sure to be honest. S. Kellie ‘Bronzer’ is a red/brown on soft yellow, this is put to a sparkling white with a strong yellow centre. Looking for some new color on blooms that have a stand out labellum. (What a labellum on the S.Kellie ‘Bronzer’). Should be some interesting progeny here.


L/57 – S. Bobby Dazzler ‘Dark Pink’ - MERICLONE
A Beautiful Hybrid. Our mature plant constantly has blooms on it.

Arching racemes of blooms that are very well presented. Flowers last for a long time, as the raceme blooms sequentially the spike has 6 or so blooms on it for ages.

100mm Sarcochilus Seedlings @ $16

S.Red Imp ‘Ruby x Joy ‘Red Velvet’ – Deep Reds.
S. (Velvet x Bobby Dazzler) ’UDR’ x Yvette ‘Jake’s Pride’ – Reds and pinks.
S. Amber ‘4X’ x Roberta ‘90% Yellow’
S. Roberta ‘90% Yellow’ x Cliona ‘Yellow’
S. Coolendell ‘11Y2’ x Cliona ‘Yellow’